• Dual Language

    Lutacaga Elementary implemented a 50/50 two-way Dual Language Model during the 2004-2005 school year. Students in our program are placed into classes where there is a mix of Spanish and English speaking students. Our students learn to read, write, and speak in Spanish and English starting in Kindergarten.

    What Parents can Expect from Us

    Our staff is committed to providing quality instruction to all students. We believe in a strong partnership with families to insure student success. The following is a description of what parents can expect from us.

    • a welcoming and safe environment for all children to learn in
    • use of strategies that promote second language development and cultural awareness
    • provide quality instruction of basic skills and academic content
    • provide an active and academically challenging learning environment
    • be available to answer questions, address concerns, and assist families when needed
    • committed to the educational success of all students

    Parent Opportunities

    Parent participation and support for Dual Language students is connected to student success. Parents can become active participants in their child’s education by attending meetings, volunteering at school, and attending other school activities. We believe that parents are an important part of their child’s success in school. The following is a description of what is expected from parents when their child is enrolled in the program.

    • understand and support the program design
    • agree to a seven year commitment to the Dual Language program
    • attend program information nights and meetings
    • read to your child daily and assist them with homework
    • encourage your child to practice using their second language
    • consistent attendance