• The Othello School District, in conjunction with the police and fire departments of Othello, has developed a plan to reunite students with their families in the event of an emergency or disaster occurring in our area.

    In the history of the district, no evacuations of this scope have occurred. However, for the safety of our students, we are prepared to initiate this plan in an emergency situation. 




    In the event a local emergency or disaster situation occurs while school is in session, please help us care for all students:

    • Remain calm
    • DO NOT call the school. It is important to keep home and school lines open
    • Check the OSD Facebook page or the OSD website at www.othelloschools.org
    • Listen for a call from the OSD message system for current information
    • Sign up for NIXEL for alerts from the police system, by texting 888-777 with 99344 as the message

    Students may be bussed to one of the locations below:

    Othello High School - 340 S. 7th. Ave.

    McFarland Middle School - 790 S. 10th. Ave.

    Adams County Fair Grounds - 831 S. Reynolds Rd.

    Listen to the OSD message system for the actual receiving site(s).

    If students must be relocated to another site:

    1. Park only in designated areas
    2. Enter the building through the primary entrance-posted signs will direct you
    3. Check in with school officials - you must provide photo ID. Know your child's teacher's name
    4. Complete the student release form
      • In case you are not available to pick up your child, share this plan with those listed as an emergency contact on your child's registration
      • Keep your contact information up-to-date. Inform your child's school of all changes of address and phone number.
    5. A staff member will unite you with your child(ren)
    6. Promptly leave school grounds to expedite the dismissal of all students

    For their safety, please understand that no child will be release without proper identification and authorization.

    The success of the plan depends on your cooperation. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this emergency plan.

    Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our schools.