• School Dress Code

    In general students should dress in neat, clean, appropriate clothing that does not disrupt the educational process. This specifically includes the following:

    1. No bare midriffs or styles that show one’s underwear, sleepwear, spandex, or tank tops. All shirt sleeves should reach the shoulder. Bare midriff is any time skin shows above the pants and below the top while the student is in the normal range of motion.
    2. Shoes must be worn at all times. No “flip-flops” or “heelies” (wheels in bottom of shoes) are allowed.
    3. No clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or insinuating sexual or discriminatory messages.
    4. Shirts and tops must be worn at all times.
    5. Shorts may be worn in the fall through October 31. They may begin to wear shorts after Spring Break. Shorts must be at least fingertip length.
    6. Clothing must fit-“baggies,” “saggies,” “slouchies,” or oversized clothing is not to be worn. Pants or shorts are to be worn at the waistline and must be no more than two inches larger than waist size. Pants or shorts that have been bleached, have holes, frayed hems, or patches sewn on the outside are not acceptable.
    7. Coveralls/overalls must be completely fastened. Chains attached to clothing are forbidden.
    8. Bandannas, headbands, hairnets, sunglasses, and hanging belts are not allowed.
    9. No groups of students-three or more-may wear the same colors or clothing, unless they are associated with school or principal approved activities.
    10. No personalized messages or inappropriate nicknames on clothing and no “In memory of …” or “Smile now, cry later” logos are permitted.
    11. No cellular phones, pagers, beepers, ipods, MP3, PSP, handheld gaming devices or permanent markers unless principal approved.
    12. All tattoos deemed gang-related must be covered.
    13. All jewelry deemed gang-related is prohibited.
    14. In the secondary schools, hats are not to be worn on campus consistent with current junior high or high school policy. In the elementary schools, hats are not to be worn in the building.
    15. No pierced jewelry other than earrings may be worn at school.
    16. Laser pointers, lights, matches, and other devices capable of ignition are not allowed.

    Students found to be violating this policy will be asked to immediately conform to the policy and will be subject to disciplinary action according to the Othello School District Discipline Policy.