• Breakfast and Lunch Costs

    Beginning 2018-2019 school year, OSD has been approved for the CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) Program. This allows every student to receive meals (breakfast and lunch) at no charge.

    School Lunch OR Home Lunch:  Not Both

    Students may choose to either eat lunch made in the school kitchen or to bring lunch from home.  However, due to state and federal regulations with the school lunch programs, students who get lunch from the school are not allowed to also bring “extra” food from home.  Students who bring lunch from home are not allowed to purchase school lunch, with the exception of one carton of milk.  Students are not allowed to give/share food to other students or trade food.  

    Students Going Home For Lunch

    If a student plans to go home for lunch during the school year, we will need a note signed by the parents or guardians giving him/her permission to do so.  If your child goes home every day you can send one note covering the entire school year, and we will keep it on file.  Students will not be allowed to leave the school grounds without a permission slip.  Students going home must sign out in the office before leaving the school grounds and sign in when they return to school.

    Illness at school

    Your child will be sent to the health room if he/she becomes ill at school.  Parents will always be notified if the situation needs further medical attention.  It is imperative that the office has a CURRENT EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER when parents cannot be reached.  It is also important that the office be made aware of any unusual medical situations.


    It is the policy of our school district that medications will only be administered when the failure to receive the medication may result in the student being unable to attend school and/or to be well enough to participate in learning activities.  We define medication to mean all medicine, whether prescription or over-the-counter which includes aspirin.  The district must also require you to supply written, current and unexpired instructions from a physician or dentist and the medication must be in the original container.  If your child must take mediation of any kind, the form is available in the office for you and your physician to complete.

    Computer/Internet and Network Use

    The Othello School District provides students with computers and internet access for educational purposes.  Each year as part of the registration process, students and parents must sign an agreement to use the computers and network in accordance with the OSD Acceptable Use of Technology Procedures, part of Board Policy 2022.  Violation of these guidelines may result in a student losing the privilege of using the school computers or network.  If you have any questions about this Policy or the Acceptable Use of Technology Procedures, the school office can provide you a copy.