• Attendance Policy

    State law requires that schools inquire about every absence. Scootney Springs requests either a note or a telephone call from the parent or guardian when a child is absent. If a call or note is not communicated to the school, the absence will be considered unexcused. Regular attendance is essential for successful progress in your child's education. Your child should be in school every day that he/she is physically able. The law requires that the school conference with the parent(s) after two unexcused absences in a month. A petition will be filed with the Juvenile Court when a fifth unexcused absence in one month and/or a tenth in a school year occurs. 

    Absences are excused for the following:

    • Illness or Health Condition
    • School Approved Activities
    • Family Emergencies
    • Short-Term Suspensions
    • Activities Pre-Approved by the Principal, which do not adversely affect the student's educational progress

    Before School

    • Students who arrive at the front of the school should go around the north end of the school to either the playground, the cafeteria or the library
    • Students who arrive at 8:10 am or later have a choice of the following activities:
      • Play or Talk at the Playground
      • Note: Students are not to be in the office or hallways before 8:25 am

    • At 8:25 am, students are to go directly to their classrooms. 

    After School

    • Students are not to congregrate in any area of the school, especially in the hallway in front of the office. Students are not to roam hallways or classrooms at any time after school.
    • Students may wait IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL by the flagpole if they need to wait to be picked up.
    • Students are not to kick balls or play games while waiting for parents.
    • Students are not to have access to equipment after school such as ball, jump ropes, etc.

    In addition to the above, students need permission and a pass from an adult anytime of the day to; go to the office, restroom, leave the playground, go to another classroom, etc. Students must have a permission slip to be in, or walk to an area that he/she is not designated to be in. No eating in the hallways.