• Common Area Responsibilities

    Students are responsible for proper behavior in all of the following common areas:

    Goal: To allow a safe supervised environment for students loading and unloading buses.

    Rules & Expectations:

    1. Students will walk to and from buses and take appropriate precautions when crossing the parking lot. It is extremely dangerous for students to run between the parked cars or busses.
    2. Everyone will treat others with dignity and respect.
    3. All school rules apply to the bus loading area (i.e. dress code, no fighting, language etc.)
    4. Students may not walk to the bus loop. They must ride the bus over.

    Goal: To allow a safe and supervised environment for students to eat and congregate during breakfast and lunch.

    Rules and Expectations:

    1. NO GUM!
    2. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
    3. Must have I.D. and ready to scan.
    4. Use the garbage cans that are provided for all trash.

    Goal: To provide a safe and enjoyable environment on the grounds.

    Rules and Expectations:

    1. Stay within defined boundaries.
    2. Keep hands and feet to self.
    3. Put garbage in garbage cans.
    4. No hats in the building.
    5. No running on concrete.
    6. No throwing rock or snowballs.

    Halls/Corridors/Passing Periods
    Goal: The halls and corridors will be a safe environment where people interact with courtesy and respect.

    Rules and Expectations:

    1. When moving from one class to the next, move safely through the hallways keeping to the right side of the hallway. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Language must be appropriate.
    2. In the halls, use normal speaking voices. When you want to talk to others down the hall, go to them rather than shout at them. Close lockers quietly.
    3. During class time, you must have an approved pass to be in the halls.
    4. Be courteous and treat everyone with respect.
    5. If an adult requests that you correct a behavior, do what the adult asks you to do. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, make an appointment to discuss the situation with that adult. If you still feel you are being treated unfairly, you may make an appointment to see an administrator or counselor.
    6. Distracting toys are to be left at home. Staff members will take them, and they will not be returned until a parent picks them up.

    Goal: Students will use restroom facilities during designated times. Students will interact with courtesy and respect to maintain an environment that is safe.

    Rules and Expectations:

    1. Each student must use a restroom pass from their teacher.
    2. Only one person at a time is allowed to use a restroom pass.
    3. Teachers monitor time a student leaves and returns to class.
    4. Students will leave coats, backpacks, etc. and not stop at their lockers when using the restroom pass.
    5. Students will use the restroom in their wing and walk quietly as they go directly to and from the restroom.

    Goal: Assemblies will be a place where performers and speakers are treated with respect and students behave responsibly.

    Rules and Expectations:

    1. As soon as a speaker is at the microphone, all students should immediately cease making noise and give him or her their full attention.
    2. Clapping is acceptable, but whistling, booing, yelling, etc. are not acceptable (unless the speaker gives the students permission to do so).
    3. Students are to sit with their advisory class unless the schedule dictates otherwise.
    4. When the assembly is over, students should remain seated until the speaker, the advisory teacher, or the administrator dismisses them.


    Students may not bring coffee, lattes, soda pop, or energy drinks to school.