Communication Plan

  • OBJECTIVE 1: Clearly define major components of the District Vision using relatable terms and examples. 

    • Assure messages crafter avoid using education jargon ("eduspeak").
    • Provide concrete examples that illustrate how each element of the vision relates to and serves our students, staff, and community. 
    • Identify opportunities to highlight the work being done to achieve the outcomes prescribed in our vision. 

    OBJECTIVE 2: Educate our public about K-8 grade configuration. 

    • Provide resources and research behind the K-8 configuration model that help to describe what it is and what it looks like. 
    • Provide presentations to staff and community members by comparable school systems that have successfully implemented K-8 schools. 
    • Utilize local news media to help tell our story now and throughout the journey. 
    • Equip OSD staff and board members with the knowledge and answers they need to be well-informed and connected to both the why and the how of the vision. 
    • Develop and disseminate talking points for board members and staff to be able to use and know how to respond when approached in community and elsewhere. 
    • Provide professional development for all staff on transforming to a K-8 model, including instructional practices and teaming. 

    OBJECTIVE 3: Justify the WHY for the Othello community.

    • Demonstrate how the K-8 research directly applies to the Othello community and its schools.
    • Provide histroy that brings audiences up to speed on how OSD came to the decision to move to a K-8 model. 

    OBJECTIVE 4: Ease fears and tensions around the K-8 configuration model.

    • Develop platforms that allow for audiences to pose questions and feel that their voice is being heard. 
    • Uncover the specifics of staff and community member discomfort and resistance to the K-8 transformation so as to better understand potential barriers and thoroughly plan for a successful transition. 
    • Develop a clear plan that outlines how OSD will make the reconfiguration. 

    OBJECTIVE 5: Rally supporters who will serve as champions for the vision. 

    • Establish a Guiding Coalition comprised of approximately 25 staff, students, and community members who will lead the charge of outlining and implementing the work of each element within the Instructional Vision. 
    • Recruit and establish Research and Study Teams who will join members of the Guiding Coalition to dive deeper into the research and data behind each element of the vision, and well as to plan for implementation. 
    • Invite staff and community members to participate in the planning process by hosting interactive Compression Planning sessions designed to engage participants in the planning work. 
    • Send the Guilding Coalition to visit successful K-8 schools. 

    OBJECTIVE 6: Address areas of confusion and/or misinformation around the work. 

    • Anticipate future areas of concern, barriers, and potential questions by assessing the input received during the staff and commnunity Compression Planning sessions. 
    • Request district and school administrators seek input from their staff and community members and regularly report common concerns being expressed in the buildings and in public. 
    • Schedile a "back to school" community forum in mid-September to provide updates to staff and community on the work being done, as well as to address any misconceptions or common concerns.