• Career and Technical Education Goals


    As a department, the overarching goal for Career and Technical Education is to continue to offer classes that are relevant for our students to prepare them for college and career success, and prepare them for life as an independent adult. As such, our plan for the 2017-2018 school year is as follows:


     Action Steps:

    1. Develop our Advisory Boards and meet at least twice a year. We will partner with our Advisory Board members to ensure that we are offering courses that meet the needs of our community and beyond.
    2. We will develop course pathways for each department to provide guidance to our students and facilitate the registration process. These pathways will help us to educate and recruit students for our CTE classes.
    3. We will continue to link classroom learning to the “real world” in order to prepare students for home, college, and career success.
    4. We will investigate the possibility of work-based learning opportunities for our students to help ease the transition between school and work.
    5. We will investigate what certifications can be offered through our departments.
    6. We will attend training, as appropriate for our department, for classes that we are currently offering or classes that we would like to offer.