• Math SBA Goal

    Our Math Goal is to increase our students SBA scores by 10% from the previous year’s results 

    Action Steps:

    1. In July, 2017 the math department met on two separate occasions to align the curriculum to the Common Core Standards.  The team also aligned their scope and sequence using the Auburn model of instruction.
    2. Janis Heigl is coming on four individual days to work with the team.  Janis is an international math consultant who works closely with the specific needs of a math department.  Janis will focus on student engagement and teacher offering higher order thinking questions and opportunities for students to engage in extended discourse in every classroom at OHS.
    3. Data from the Star 360 assessment will be used to see a correlation between a student and their possible results on the SBA, SAT, and ACT.
    4. Data meetings will take place to look at department scores, individual teachers scores and to gauge teachers’ instructional effectiveness. A plan of action for teacher and department interventions to address the data results will be developed
    5. Math team members will be attending a NCTM conference in Las Vegas to help support the team in their efforts to increase student achievement in the math department.