• Dress Code

    The dress code implemented at McFarland Middle School serves as an educational tool aimed at instilling the value of presenting oneself in a safe, respectable manner, fostering self-respect, self-esteem, and preparing students for the expectations of the global stage and professional environments. The school administration will exercise discretion in enforcing the dress code, which requires students to maintain a neat, clean appearance that adheres to standards of decency, health, and safety. It is essential that students' attire and appearance do not disrupt the educational process or impede the achievement of learning objectives. This dress policy aligns with Othello School District Policy 3224.

    1. In order to encourage a positive and safe school environment, attire that promotes alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, inappropriate or offensive images/language, or anything that could disrupt the educational process (including blankets), is prohibited.  

    2. Clothing with holes, rips, or tears below mid-thigh is acceptable (leggings must be worn underneath for holes above mid-thigh).  

    3. Clothing must be modest and appropriate for the school setting.  Bare midriffs, tank tops, pajamas (flannel pants), or visible underwear is not permitted. This clothing is also not permitted under zip-up jackets.

    4. Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh length or longer.  

    5. Footwear, at a minimum, must meet minimum safety requirements in any educational environment or setting (classroom, science lab, weight room, wood/metal shop, etc.). House slippers are not permitted.

    6. Gang Activity: We understand gang dress and styles evolve through time and this enforcement will be at the discretion/judgment of the school administration. Clothing or personal grooming must not be gang-related or promote gang involvement. Clothing or grooming, including gang identifiers, must not threaten the health or safety of any student or staff. 

    7. Generally, heads must be uncovered in the building, unless there are specific exceptions for religious head covers worn for religious observance or for the use of personal protective equipment.

    8. Sunglasses may not be worn in buildings. 

    School Administration may exercise their authority to determine/enforce any clothing that is a major disruption to the school environment. This list may be added to as additional brands are identified as being gang-related by local law enforcement. Students failing to meet the requirements of the Dress Code will be asked to make any necessary changes. Failure to make these changes, or repeat violations of the Dress Code may result in suspension for insubordination.