Principal’s Message

At Wahitis Elementary we have been working on a “systems” based approach (see pgs. 3-4) to teaching integrated ELA and math since the spring of 2014.  We have been on this journey because, according to John Hattie’s work Visible learning: A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement (2009), clarity of vision and focus have a significant impact on improvement initiatives (d=1.57 with d=0.40 being roughly 1 year of growth).  That focus has driven us to implement a K-5 foundational reading program (d=0.52), common academic vocabulary instruction for grades K-5 (d=0.60), an analytical reading comprehension approach for grades 3-5 (d=0.74), and targeted math instruction for grades K-5 (d=0.77).  We have also made a strong commitment to include all instructional staff in professional development, data analysis, and accountability practices.

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