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At Wahitis Elementary we have been working on a “systems” based approach (see pgs. 3-4) to teaching integrated ELA and math since the spring of 2014.  We have been on this journey because, according to John Hattie’s work Visible learning: Read More …


WAHITIS – El acceso de vehículos; Acceso de autobus y rutas de caminatas para los estudiantes.

Un adulto situado en la calle Cypress asistirá con dirigir a los estudiantes a la calle Scootney, manteniéndolos en el lado oeste del a avenida 14. Ellos cruzarán la extensión de la calle Scootney (al lado norte de la intersección). Read More …


Vehicle Access; Bus Access and Student pedestrian walking routes

Adult located at Cypress will assist with directing students to Scootney Street, keeping them on the west side of 14th. They will cross at Scootney Street Extension (on the north side of the Intersection). Students should cross over Scootney Street Read More …


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