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Kindergarten Registration Information for 2017-2018 – English | Español

The Dual Language Program is a unique opportunity for students to think, read, write, and communicate naturally in English and Spanish.

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Program Intent

Othello School District Dual Language students will develop a high academic and linguistic proficiency in two languages by participating in a rigorous academic program that enhances the development of bilingualism, biliteracy, and higher cultural awareness, so that students will graduate ready for college, career, and life in a globally competitive economy.


How It Works

Research has found that it takes five to seven years for students to become proficient in a second language. The optimal time to learn a second language is before adolescence. Othello School District’s Dual Language Program begins in kindergarten where students spend 70% of their day in their native language and 30% of the day in the second language. The percent of instruction will be equally divided between both languages by third grade. Each classroom has a highly qualified teacher that has received professional development in effective dual language instruction. The classroom will include Spanish Expert and English Expert students who participate in instructional activities together.

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Program Background

Lutacaga Elementary has implemented a 50/50 Dual Language Model since the 2004/2005 school year. It is a language immersion model in which students become academically proficient in two languages. In this model, students receive literacy instruction in
their native language and add literacy instruction in their second language in third grade. In Math, Science, and Social Studies, students will receive instruction in both English and Spanish.

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What Parents can Expect from Us

Dual Language staff is committed to providing quality instruction to all students. We believe in a strong partnership with the home to insure student success. The following is a description of what parents can expect from us.

  • Create a welcoming and safe environment for all children to learn in.
  • Use strategies that promote second language development and cultural awareness.
  • Provide quality instruction of basic skills and academic content.
  • Provide an active and academically challenging learning environment.
  • Be available to answer questions, address concerns, and assist families when needed.
  • Be committed to the educational success of all students.

Parent Opportunities

Parent participation and support for Dual Language students is imperative to student success. Parents can become active participants in their child’s education by attending meetings, volunteering at school, and attending other school activities.
We believe that parents are an important part of their child’s success in school. The following is a description of what is expected from parents when their child is enrolled in the program.

  • Understand and support the program design.
  • Agree to a six year commitment to the Dual Language program.
  • Attend program information nights and meetings.
  • Read to your child daily and assist them with homework.
  • Encourage your child to practice using their second language.
  • Daily Attendance.
Kindergarten Registration Information for 2017-2018 – English | Español


News and Parent Notifications

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Information about Kindergarten registration for the 2016-2017 School Year.


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